Iran has emerged out of recession: Rouhani

Photo: Iran has emerged out of recession: Rouhani / Iran

President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Iran either has already got out of recession or is coming out of it, IRNA reported.

The President stressed the necessity for the country to move towards prosperity, saying, thereˈs still a long way to go to achieve prosperity.

Rouhani said reaching prosperity is impossible without active presence of the private sector.

He assured the private sector of the future of investment in Iranˈs economy, adding that what he says is based on accurate data and a deep look at the countryˈs domestic and foreign policies.

ˈYou saw that we took the necessary steps that had to be taken within a year,ˈ the President said, adding that the government has moved based on its pre-defined schedule.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani touched upon his governmentˈs foreign policy, saying, thanks God, Iran is leaving behind the sanctions as it has already come out of recession or is getting out of it.

Referring to his governmentˈs policy of reaching out to the world, the President underlined the necessity of economic interaction with the world to achieve prosperity.

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