Brahimi: Syria could be a new Somalia

Photo: Brahimi: Syria could be a new Somalia / Arabic region

The U.N. and Arab League envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, called on Syrians to seek a "swift settlement" to the ongoing crisis or Syria will "turn into a big Somalia. Al Arabiya reported "

Brahimi warned of a scenario in which warlords, militia and fighting groups filled a void left by a collapsed state.

He expressed his support for establishing a new government in Syria, adding that Syrians are the ones to determine their new country's "nature."

"In my humble opinion, this should lead to a new, democratic, republican system, non-sectarian in Syria, which opens the door to what I call the new Syrian Republic," Brahimi said in an interview with the Swiss public television network on Monday.

The diplomat added that Syrians will be the ones to decide the shape of their new country, its system and its nature.

Meanwhile, Brahimi said he hopes Saudi Arabia and Iran participate in an upcoming peace conference to be held in Geneva next month.

He said opposing Syrian groups until now seem to be unwilling to reach a ceasefire ahead of the Geneva talks.

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