Protest action taking place in Armenia against hydropower plant construction

Photo: Protest action taking place in Armenia against hydropower plant construction / Armenia

On March 6, residents of seven villages of Armenia's Aragatsotn region blocked the Yerevan-Aparan road, demanding a stop to the construction of a hydropower plant on the Aparan-Yerevan water pipeline, the website reported citing the official website of 'Pre-Parliament' political initiative.

Residents of Ushi, Ohanavan, Artashavan, Karbi, Saghmosavan, Erznka and Eghvard villages are participating in the protest action.

Governor of the Aragatsotn region, Sargis Sahakyan met with the protestors and tried to convince the villagers that the construction of the hydropower plant has been stopped. The villagers also assert the contrary, arguing their opinion with the presence of new machinery.

Environmental activists, Yeghia Nersisian, Gevorg Safarian, as well as members of Pre-Parliament' are among the protestors.

During the protests the villagers chanted "Take machinery" and placed stones in the roadway blocking traffic. After some negotiations, police officers convinced people from nearby villages to remove the stones, re-opening the way for cars.

A member of the Prosperous Armenia parliamentary faction, Loew Khachatryan told journalists that during the negotiations with the population the police offered the population what it should have offered long ago.

"The police promised residents of neighboring villages to remove the machinery illegally placed in the territory," Khachatryan said adding that if the police don't fulfill their promise, the people will block the road again.

Translated by L.Z.

Edited by C.N.

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