Georgian PM sends reply to American senators

Photo: Georgian PM sends reply to American senators
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Tbilisi, Georgia, Aug. 12


Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili sent a reply to American senators. The message addressed to Senator McCain, Rishu Rubio, Shaheen was circulated Aug. 12 by the press service of the government.

Irakli Garibashvili thanked senators for their letter which raised some very important issues, he said. The Prime Minister noted that he values ​​the friendship and support shown towards the Georgian people, security and development of the country.

"I fully agree with you that the existence of a viable and constructive opposition is very important. I am ready to cooperate with any person in Georgia, who is able to give us a constructive partnership for the benefit of our people. Despite the fact that much remains to be done to continue this cooperation we took a lot of political and legislative decisions involving the opposition. I agree with you that the process of charging the former high-ranking officials should be conducted without flaws, and all cases should be investigated fairly, transparently and impartially. I understand and share the worry about the fact that these allegations could be seen as political persecution, and this can affect the internal stability and external relations," Garibashvili wrote.

The Prime Minister also spoke of the challenges faced by Georgia. As noted in the reply message, the current government came to power in order to unlock the full economic potential of Georgia and implement the European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The letter also stresses that the country has taken important steps to restore the rule of law and the eradication of impunity syndrome. "Today, judges are independent in decision-making, the prosecution does not depend on the government and the defendants received a lot of new rights. Our claims are often lost in court proceedings and it is a sign of progress," says Garibashvili, stressing that no one is above the law, and the judicial system of the country will never turn into a defender of the interests of a narrow group of people.

The Prime Minister in his reply thanked the American senators for advice and a consistent and strong support for the Georgian people, no matter who is in power.

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