Syrian opposition able to reach consensus

Photo: Syrian opposition able to reach consensus / Turkey

Turkey representative of the Syrian National Council (SNC), Halid Hoca said Syrian opposition groups were able to reach a long desired consensus, Anadolu agency reported.

Hoca's comments came in Doha, Qatar where the SNC met on Thursday.

The Doha meeting was one in which ways to solve the Syrian issue was debated in a civilized manner, Hoca indicated.

"Two separate meetings took place since November 4. Following the sessions and negotiations, more than 30 groups and community leaders joined the SNC," Hoca noted.

"The (new) umbrella organization will include the SNC, groups which wanted to join the SNC and the local establishments in Syria. The Syrian Kurdish National Council will take its place within the umbrella organization. As such, the Syrian opposition groups in diaspora and the insurgents on the streets of Syria would unite for the first time," Hoca also said.

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