President Gul draws Apple’s attention to investment opportunities in Turkey

Photo: President Gul draws Apple’s attention to investment opportunities in Turkey / Turkey

President Abdullah Gul has inspired a senior Apple executive to review attractive investment opportunities in Turkey, arguing more research and development (R&D) investment by Apple in Turkey would eventually be favorable for the company too.

His counterpart, meanwhile, did not hide his company's interest in a government-led initiative that could bring millions of iPads to children in Turkey's schools, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Gul, who is an active social media user deeply interested in computer and information technology, hosted a delegation led by Apple CEO Tim Cook at a closed-door meeting, which came exactly one year after a meeting between Gul and visiting Apple executive John Couch in February 2013.

Although the meeting was closed, the press office of the president posted a quite detailed press release on the official website of the presidency.

According to the release, Gul explained how the government has been offering significant incentives in the field of R&D and said Apple should attach more importance to Turkey on this issue.

R&D investments to be made by Apple in Turkey will carry Apple to a stronger position, both in Turkey and in the region, Gul said. Thus, he said, the company will also augment Turkey's value in this regard.
"When you put yourself in our place and think, no country wants to be solely in the position of the buyer," he said.

Sharing his expectations from Apple to provide Apple's Siri application in Turkish, Gul then requested the company increase the number of its applications in the Turkish language as well.

As for Cook, he declared the Apple store, which will be opened in April in Istanbul, will be unique in many respects. The Apple CEO also said they attach great importance to technological activities in Turkey, including the Fatih Project.

About the president's request that Apple's Siri application should be available in Turkish, Cook said they will work on it. He further suggested such Apple products as the iPhone and iPad should be excluded from the tax list for luxury products.

Last year, Couch, who is currently serving as Apple's vice president of education, was said to have discussed the Turkish government's Fatih project to replace traditional blackboards and textbooks with electronic boards and tablet PCs with Gul.

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