UNEC scientists’ research in global scientific databases (PHOTO)

Azerbaijan Materials 30 March 2018 15:29 (UTC +04:00)

The research works of UNEC scientists have been included in the “Scopus” və “Web of Science”, the largest reference database of the world.

The research works co-authored by Rovshan Akbarov, the associated professor of the chair “Econoimics” of UNEC and Emin Garibli, the associated professor of the “International Economics” chair on the topic “The analysis of scocio-economic development through intuitive linguistic census figures” and on the topic “Monitoring the results within the framework of UN FAO Food Safety Program and the development of fuzzy cognitive model for reporting” co-authored by İnara Rzayeva the deputy director of the International School of Economics of UNEC, the associated professor of the “International Economics” (english speaking) chair were published in the magazine “Procedia Computer Science” included in the “Scopus” database (İSSN 1877-0509 online, 120 (2017), the impact factor (CiteSCore):1.01).

At the same time, the researches of UNEC scinetists were included in the “Web of Science” database of the company “Clarivate Analitics”.