Pirates Attack on Iranian Oil Tankers Five Times over Last Two Months

Politics Materials 26 November 2008 18:30 (UTC +04:00)

Muhammad Suri, director of company on national transportations of Iran, said that pirates attacked on Iranian oil tankers five times over the past two months, whilst the attacks were unsuccessful, Iranian news site Ekonomist reported.

Iran and international organizations took various measures for protection from sea pirates, Suri said.

Armed guard service was attracted to protect security of ships, Suri said. Employees of the service escort the ships in travel line from Salal port, south of Oman, to port of Djibouti. Length of dangerous zone is 5km.

In addition, two French battleships, which are equipped with modern military techniques, convoy caravans of ships to protect Iranian oil tankers, director of the company said.

Forces of marine security will be created with participation of various countries, including France, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, India, Italy, England and the USA in order to fulfill 1837 resolution of the UN Security Council, Suri said. The forces will struggle against pirates.

Iran will also join the marine security forces, Suri said.

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