Paris openly demonstrates 'Christian solidarity' with Yerevan - Trend News Agency's Deputy Director General

Politics Materials 17 November 2022 14:23 (UTC +04:00)
Paris openly demonstrates 'Christian solidarity' with Yerevan - Trend News Agency's Deputy Director General

BAKU, Azerbaijan, November 17. France, being, according to the majority of Armenians, a part of ‘big Armenia’, adopted a resolution against Azerbaijan. No need to expect anything else from the French parliamentarians, drugged by Armenian 'moonshine'.

This resolution is nothing but a piece of paper with no legal force. Undoubtedly, this resolution shows that the French MPs are the puppets of the Armenian diaspora, and it was adopted with the ‘collective West’ in mind.

In the ‘cradle of democracy’ they believe that by doing so they ‘set an example’ to other countries. However, it’s not taken into account that the ‘collective West’ concept has long ceased to exist. Paris is becoming an outsider of Europe, and this process is greatly accelerated by the French officials themselves.

This resolution is not only a gross violation of the norms and principles of international law, but also completely contradicts obligations, in particular, under 3rd paragraph of 2nd Article of the ‘Treaty of Friendship, Mutual Understanding and Cooperation’ signed between Azerbaijan and France in 1993.

In general, France never committed to any obligations, and this could be seen during the 30-year occupation of Azerbaijani territories. In fact, France, which was a member of the OSCE Minsk Group, only pretended to be making efforts to resolve the former Karabakh conflict, but as soon as Azerbaijan resolved this conflict itself, Paris suddenly remembered its ‘obligations’, but only those taken before Yerevan, and on November 15 adopted the biased resolution against Azerbaijan.

As a result of the adoption of this biased resolution by the Senate, the Azerbaijani Parliament appealed to the government of the country to take a number of measures, including:

- preventing France from being involved in initiatives and activities related to the normalization process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as any discussions with French officials on these issues until provision of unilateral guarantees by the French government;

- raising the issue of France's political and military crimes, crimes against humanity within the framework of an international organization as chair of the Non-Aligned Movement;

- putting the issue of France's Islamophobic policy on the agenda within the framework of the Organization of Islamic Countries and the Organization of Turkic States.

In fact, the history of France has only massacres in Rwanda and Algeria instead of practice of resolving any conflicts. France, history of which is full of facts about massacres and war crimes, also actively promoted Islamophobia under the guise of ‘freedom of speech’.

The resolution adopted against Azerbaijan is nothing but the so-called ‘Christian solidarity’, and by such actions Paris demonstrates to the whole world that France is no longer a secular state, but a country which has remained in the Early Middle Ages.

Rufiz Hafizoglu, Deputy Director General of Trend News Agency