Iran patronizes terrorist who attacked Azerbaijan's embassy, by putting him in mental hospital

Politics Materials 3 February 2023 16:21 (UTC +04:00)
Farid Zohrabov
Farid Zohrabov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 3. A week has passed since the terrorist attack on the Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran. As a result, head of the security service of the embassy was killed and two employees were injured.

Right after the terrorist attack, Iran officially announced that the reason behind that Huseynzade "came to the embassy with two children" and "the incident occurred due to domestic issues." To declare such a thing without conducting any proceedings is another clear proof that Iranian officials do not intend to go any deeper into this case. And why would they? Usually, the cases are investigated in order to identify initiators, executors, organizers, and motifs of a crime, but in this case, everything is crystal clear. And based on the widespread videos and the way the attacker behaves, it is obvious that it was a terrorist attack.

In connection with the incident, the employees of the embassy were immediately evacuated, and its activities have been suspended.

Although it has been a week since the incident, Iran has not apologized to Azerbaijan for what happened. The Iranian authorities are trying to double back so that the criminal case is not assessed as a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, this is exactly what happened. Yasin Huseynzade, who committed a terrorist attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was placed in a psychiatric hospital, so that Iran could have an excuse to go the preferred route.

On the other hand, the surveillance camera footage at the Azerbaijani Embassy clearly shows that Huseynzade was fully aware of what he was doing - he even waved a hand at a policeman in front of the embassy, before rushing in with a Kalashnikov.

This fact once again confirms that Iran patronized the terrorist.

Iran violates all international conventions to which it has acceded. According to the Vienna Convention, the relevant state authority must organize the protection of embassies, consulates, and representative offices located on its territory and ensure their safety. However, Iran has done nothing to prevent this terrorist attack. This incident calls into question the security of all diplomatic missions operating in Iran.

An armed attack took place at the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Iran on January 27, 2023, at about 8:30 (GMT+4). Earlier reports from the Chief of Tehran police said there were two children in the car with the gunman, the security camera footage released later proved the man was alone. The gunman managed to kill head of the security service and wounding two embassy guards. The shooter was eventually detained.

Following the deadly assault, Azerbaijan evacuated its officials from the embassy, including those who suffered as a result of the attack and completely suspended the work of the embassy in Tehran.