Azerbaijan brings to investigation institutional impostors

Politics Materials 10 August 2023 12:15 (UTC +04:00)
Farid Zohrabov
Farid Zohrabov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 10. Persons who arbitrarily announced the creation of the "Republic of Goycha Zangezur" were brought to investigation in Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

The key figures of pseudo-state - Rizvan Talibov, posing as the head of the Public "Return to West Azerbaijan" Association, as well as the president of the "Goycha Zangezur Republic", and Tunzala Celebiyeva, who temporarily arrived from Türkiye to Azerbaijan, posing as the new president of this "republic", were taken to the investigative body for questioning in connection with the investigation conducted by the State Security Service Azerbaijan Republic,

In 2022, Talibov announced the creation of the "Goycha Zangezur Republic", of which he is the head, and also claimed that the "republic" has its own parliament and cabinet of ministers (no connection with the Western Azerbaijan Community).

The opening of the representative office of the "Goycha Zangezur Republic" in Ankara was announced on September 19.

The "Goycha Zangezur Republic" and the Public "Return to West Azerbaijan" Association published information regarding the appointments made by Talibov to senior positions in the "republic" in January 2023.

The Western Azerbaijan Community has issued a statement that it does not support this initiative. Talibov's unauthorized proclamation, together with unknown circles, of a structure called the "Goycha Zangezur Republic" was regarded by the intelligentsia of Western Azerbaijan as a great provocation.

Foreign citizens appointed by Talibov to senior positions, having met with the Kurdish communities of Iraq and other countries, later removed Talibov from the post of the president of the "republic" and declared her the new head - Tunzala Celebiyeva.

The Western Azerbaijan Community, which is the legal successor of the Public "Azerbaijani Refugee Society" Association, has been operating since 1989, is the only legal public organization that has been dealing with the problems of refugees in Western Azerbaijan since this year and collects facts and documents about Azerbaijanis who became refugees in 1987-1991.