Kazakhstan likewise shows interest in opening Zangezur corridor - Azerbaijani expert

Politics Materials 17 April 2024 15:08 (UTC +04:00)
Kazakhstan likewise shows interest in opening Zangezur corridor - Azerbaijani expert
Asif Mehman
Asif Mehman
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 17. Kazakhstan is also interested in opening the Zangezur corridor, Azerbaijani expert Azer Garayev told Trend.

He noted that Azerbaijani-Kazakh relations are at the peak of their development.

"Kazakhstan, as a member of the Organization of Turkic States, is one of the countries following a proactive approach. Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan relations, including economic, political, and social links, are steadily increasing," said the expert.

According to him, the visit of President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Jomart Tokayev to Armenia is also not accidental.

"During the meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan, the President of Kazakhstan discussed various significant problems, one of which was the Zangezur corridor. Armenia is attempting to escape obligations made following the Second Karabakh War, which is why the Zangezur corridor has yet to open.

Kazakhstan is likewise keen on the opening of the Zangezur corridor. The corridor is the best choice for exporting the country's petroleum products to Europe, as it reduces transportation costs and time significantly. The agenda of the discussion [between Tokayev and Pashinyan] included concerns about how this could improve Kazakhstan's trade turnover with Armenia," he said.

Garayev emphasized that the opening of the Zangezur corridor will benefit not only Kazakhstan but also all countries in the region, as well as other CIS countries.

"One of the countries that will be able to generate significant income through this corridor will be Armenia itself. Thus, Armenia will be able to develop its economy and increase revenues. Instead of relying on someone else's help, Armenia can pursue an independent policy. Of course, this depends on the decisions made by the political power in Armenia.

Although, over the past period, we have seen positive signals from the Armenian authorities, this has not been observed in practice. Naturally, this issue depends not only on Armenia. As we know, Armenia is a state that is used as a tool, and often it serves the interests of its patrons rather than its own interests," he noted.

The political analyst also said that one of the issues discussed during the visit was related to France's need for uranium.

"France wants to export uranium from Central Asia, particularly from Kazakhstan, because it has problems with exporting uranium from other countries. And the Zangezur corridor can play an important role in this. If France's relations with Azerbaijan do not normalize, this will not happen," he said.

Garayev noted that it's difficult to predict the future course of events now.

"Armenia is characterized by an unstable policy. The results of Tokayev's visit to Armenia will be seen in the near future," he added.

To note, according to the trilateral statement signed on November 10, 2020, following the second Karabakh war, by agreement of the parties (Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russia), the construction of new transport communications connecting the western regions of Azerbaijan with its Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic should be ensured..

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