Politics Materials 27 August 2005 20:03 (UTC +04:00)

The �Azadlig’ (Freedom) bloc held a sanction rally from the 20 January underground station to the Galaba (Victory) square on Saturday, Trend reports.

The participants of the action began to gather near the underground station from 17.00pm [local hours] and advanced in the direction of the Galaba square under slogans �Freedom!’, �Resignation!’, �No to dictatorship!’.

They wore orange shirts and carried orange flags, as well as posters with depiction of U.S. President George Bush. There was an incident between the participants of the action and police on the way to the square.

The members of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP), Popular Front of Azerbaijan Party (PFAP) and Musavat Party reached the Galaba square first. The rally started with the Azerbaijani state anthem at 18.00pm.

27 August was announced the day of registration of Rasul Guliyev, the chairman of the ADP. In his opening remarks, Gurban Mammadov, the head of the ADP, said that the action demonstrates unity of the opposition.

Touching upon the arrest of Ruslan Bashirli, the chairman noted that of the New Thought Organization, Mammadov noted that TVs spread incorrect and preconceived propaganda in regard to him.

Mammadov also spoke about pressure put upon the youth engaged in policy, the pursuit of the law-enforcement bodies, the violations and falsifications of the courts. During his speech the participants voiced slogans �Resignation’, �Rasul’, �Isa’, �Ali’.

Ali Karimli spoke about pressure upon him and his party. According to Karimli the law-enforcement bodies sought for break down the bloc and frightening of the youth.

He noted that the �Azadlig’ bloc determined 115 single candidates and would inform the citizens on its elections platform. “The �Azadlig’ bloc wants to come to the power to provide careless future for the Azerbaijani people and establish justice,” he said.

Isa Gambar, the chairman of the Musavat Party, mentioned importance of change of the composition of the electoral committees, prevention of elections falsification.

He stressed that from 1 September �Where is my name?’ campaign starts and every voter should find his name in the electoral list. Gambar also touched upon the arrest of some young peoples pasted the posters. “Nobody can hinder the �Azadlig’ bloc to come to the power,” he underlined.

Sardar Jalaloglu, the representative of the ADP, conveyed Rasul Gulyev’s greetings to the participants of the action and called on them to take active part at the parliamentary elections.

Mammadov said that they received complaints on issuing of elections cards to the citizens and gave his recommendations against falsifications.

According to Arif Hajili, the head of the elections headquarter of the �Azadlig’ bloc, around 30,000 people participated at the rally, while an employee of the Yasamal district Police Department alleged that their number comprises 3,500.

The action ended at 19.00pm.