848,000 electors vote as of 12.00pm [local time]

Politics Materials 6 November 2005 15:52 (UTC +04:00)

The Information Center �Sechkiler’ of the Central Elections Commission (CEC) held a news conference on Sunday (6 November) at 12.00pm [local time]. Igbal Babayev, the head of the Information Center briefed the media on the process of polling as of 12.00pm [local time].

He noted the activity of the electors made up 60.98%. 848, 271 electors participated in the polls. Babayev said that the initial results of the polling will be announced at 20.00pm on Sunday evening. Data from the polling stations where the internally displaced people vote will be received a bit later, as they were settled throughout the country. So, data on the results of the polls from such stations will be announced next day.

Babayev noted that control groups of the CEC were established almost in all stations. Regarding the violations he noted that they have not received data on serious law-breaks, but only small violations.

As of 13.30pm 865,276 electors (18.56%) has voted in the country.