Revolt impossible in Azerbaijan вЂ" Azeri President

Politics Materials 14 November 2005 17:04 (UTC +04:00)

“A revolt in Azerbaijan is impossible,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with a correspondent of the Turkish daily Turkie, Osman Safirli, last Sunday.

The head of state said that 6 November parliamentary elections were in transparent condition. All measures were taken to prevent the frauds. “We supposed before that the opposition will state its disagreement with the result of the elections. If the opposition won the elections they would undoubtedly agree with the results of the poll,” Aliyev said underlining that the opposition was involved in �mere work’, whereas the Azerbaijani authorities were keen on maintaining national values and boost the welfare of the nation.

Any revolt in Azerbaijan is impossible, as there is no condition in the country for rise of revolutionary spirits. Aliyev said that let nobody indulge in mere dreams and support the opposition. Nobody will be allowed to derive benefits from the country with favorable geo-strategic situation and definite natural wealth. Definite circles are in search of places for �new revolutions’. So, the nearest elections were scheduled in Azerbaijan, however, miscounted,” the President underlined. “The preconditions for revolts rise in presence of some negative factors, first of all, a gap between the people and authorities. However, there is only confidence and unity between the nation and the authorities in Azerbaijan,” he emphasized.

Besides, the opposition does not possess definite economic and social basis. Azerbaijan pursues a successful foreign policy. We are decisive in avoiding any compromises in the resolution of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. For strong revolution the opposition should have a strong leader, as well as inner unity, while it has none of them.

The opposition in Azerbaijan is very weak and in bad condition. A resolution on future of Azerbaijan will be taken not in the squares. There has not been an �atmosphere of rally’ in Azerbaijan for 10 years, he underlined.

According to the head of state Azerbaijan will develop in absolutely another way вЂ" in the way of integration into the world community. В"If the opposition takes illegal steps, the government will answer with strict measures. No one in Azerbaijan will be allowed to commit illegal acts. Some days ago the opposition staged a rally and after a few days the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) held an action. They were peaceable with consideration of the public order. All involved in the break up of disorder will be made answerable,” President Aliyev stressed.

There are forces in the country who are keen to take a gain from the aggravation of the post-election situation in Azerbaijan. ”The approaches towards the November parliamentary elections differed sharply, while they were transparent,” the President stated.

Over 2,000 people balloted in the elections. “We decided to use inking of voters’ fingers for on the elections day. I was happy with the results of the poll, as ruling NAP gained a decisive victory, which testified for people’s support to the current state policy,” he stressed.

As to critical notes by the international observers and some international organizations on the parliamentary elections the President stated that after a day of the poll he gave official estimation in this respect. “In my statement I exactly noted that the positions of international organizations on the parliamentary elections will be scrutinized and analyzed.

Touching upon Azerbaijan’s position on the Cyprus issue Aliyev said other countries, as well as the Organization of the Islamic Conference should follow Azerbaijan.