Member of Musavat Parliamentary Group Refuse to Visit PACE

Politics Materials 12 April 2007 14:29 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Тrend corr I. Alizadeh / Iltizam Akbarli, a member of the parliamentary group of the Musavat Party, who has recently been included into the member list of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, stated in Baku on 12 April that he was not planning to participate in the Spring session of PACE in Strasbourg.

"The appointment surprised me, as several days ago I firmly refused the proposal of the Administration of Milli Mejlis (Azerbaijani Parliament) to be appointed a member of the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE," Akbarli stated.

Akbarli noted that during the meeting of the Administration by the decision of the Musavat Parliamentary Group he nominated his colleague, Nasib Nasibli, for the post. "Musavat is consistent with its decision. The party proposed Nasibli for the post, so I cannot join the delegation. I will not change my decision in any case," Akbarli urged.

The head of the Central Executive Administration of the Musavat party, Arif Hajili, noted that the administration of the organization proposed Nasib Nasibli for membership in the PACE delegation.

"We are firm with our decision and feel confident that Iltizam Akbarli will adhere to it," Hajili said.

The Opposition party of Musavat was formed in the beginning of the 20th Century, but restored its activities in 1992. The head of the party, Isa Gambar, was the speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament in 1992-1993 and ran for Presidency in 2003. Musavat is represented in Milli Mejlis by 5 members.