Britney Spears going crazy from eating too many burgers and Starbucks

Society Materials 13 February 2008 11:55 (UTC +04:00)
Britney Spears going crazy from eating too many burgers and Starbucks

(showbizspy.com) - Britney Spears may be going crazy from eating too many burgers and Starbucks, according to animal rights group PETA.

The anti-cruelty campaigners wrote this lengthy letter to the pop wreck's parents warning them that Brit's 'Toxic' diet could be to blame for worsening her reported bi-polar disorder and possible schizophrenia.

The letter quotes studies suggesting dairy products and meat could be to blame for sending the singer's mental health into a tailspin.

The letter says: " On behalf of everyone at PETA, please accept our best wishes for Britney, and I hope you'll allow me to share some information that could be helpful to you in your admirable efforts to look after her mental and emotional health.

"We have heard that Britney asked for ice cream while she was in the hospital.

"There could, in fact, be a connection between her diet and her mental-health problems. Numerous reports indicate that in bipolar patients who have hidden dairy sensitivities (a fairly common condition), the disorder can worsen if the patient consumes dairy products.

"And a significant body of research-including evidence cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-has linked parasites that are often found in undercooked meat (Toxoplasma gondii) to the development of schizophrenia."

The letter, from PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk, goes on to suggest that Britney go on a vegan diet to help sort out her head. "While switching to a vegan diet might very well benefit Britney's mental health, it would undoubtedly benefit her physical health," the letter states.