Orduhan Teymurkhan is foreign intelligence agent - sensational and credible facts (Second Part)

Orduhan Teymurkhan is foreign intelligence agent - sensational and credible facts (Second Part)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Oct.4


The beginning of Ordukhan Babirov's career at the 98th air division of the Soviet troops in Ukraine can't be considered accidental. In that period, Azerbaijanis were rarely allowed to serve in the elite troops of the Soviet army, today.az reported.

The Azerbaijanis could not even come close to such “mysterious” places; the army used to send our compatriots mainly to the so-called "stroybats" (construction battalion) or other non-combat units. However, the leadership of the Soviet Ministry of Defense made some exceptions to those who had ties with the military intelligence. The Soviet military intelligence practiced cherry-picking of potential sources (here and after undercover agents) among youngsters living in bordering areas with foreign countries. Those interested in martial arts, as well as representatives of socially vulnerable families (youth without a career prospect), had more chances to attract the attention of the Soviet military intelligence. Ordukhan possessed all those characters.

Ordukhan was one of those “seriously interested in sports” (as he posted in social networks), who lived in the border region with Iran, had only preliminary school education and lower social status. The Soviet security services noticed O.Babirov, a boy from Jabrail when he studied at Khorovly village school. When he applied for the registration as a military conscript they picked his candidacy for prospective recruitment. According to an informed source, that was a reason why they later sent him to the special military unit.

From social network statuses that Ordukhan has shared, becomes clear that he further developed his physical and combat readiness during 1987-1989, while serving in the 98th "VDV" division (air paratroopers unit). This gives rise to the fact that, after being educated clearly, he has been involved in special operations against his compatriots to carry out practical exercises, in particular, to show his loyalty to military intelligence! The source, who knows Ordukhan, also has claimed that in 1988 the Soviet military counter-intelligence inquired materials related to Babirov’s background check as a candidacy for secret cooperation from Soviet Azerbaijan’s branch of the KGB.

Apparently, Orduhan Babirov liked being involved in such activities because it gave him a chance of benefitting from the messy situation caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union and eventually of not returning to Azerbaijan after finishing his military service. In contrary to him, the majority of those who considered themselves Azerbaijani patriots refused to continue their military services in the Soviet army and returned to the homeland.

A well-informed source told Russian special services used Ordukhan Babayev after completing his military service for various purposes as a trained agent, and this activity continues to these days. The process contained continuing the secret communication with him, deepening his dependence on the special services, including by the means of his involvement in illegal activities in Russia.

Ordukhan continued to fulfill the orders of his operative from the Soviet military intelligence in 1988-1991, despite the fact that during those days Azerbaijan faced serious threats including Armenia’s allegations on Nagorno-Karabakh. Ordukhan’s 98th division largely participated in committing violence against Azerbaijanis on January 20, 1990. During those days Azerbaijanis from around different parts of the Soviet Union raised their voices against the events, some of them protested by quitting their military services and returning home. However, Ordukhan was not among them; he maintained loyalty to the Soviet Union and continued his mission with love and respect.

According to the information, it was not accidental that Ordukhan was in Baku during the January 20 tragedy. He was sent to Baku to support the activities of the 217th regiment of the 98th division. It is not a secret for our readers that wherever military units go, their eyes and ears, their military intelligence follows them, together with its sources. Military intelligence uses its agents to collect information from sites and influence a situation in the operational environment. From this point of view, during the events of January 20, Ordukhan's main task was to identify national liberation activists who played a leading role in the areas where the barricades were established and report on them to his operator. More precisely, Ordukhan, as a local resident, provided the Soviet intelligence services with necessary data.

It should be noted that there were cases of Azerbaijanis being involved in crimes against Azerbaijanis in Russia. Now it turns out that these criminal people, like Ordukhan Babirov, were agents of the Russian intelligence ...

A well-informed source notes that the paratrooper Ordukhan Babirov, who had been recruited after completing his term in military service, participated in racketeering of mainly Azerbaijani businessmen in various cities of the Russian Federation. The areas of his activities included the areas of interest of the GRU, like one of the largest ports in Russia Murmansk. With the support of his patrons in this process, he also managed to collect his initial capital.

It is no coincidence that the city of Murmansk was selected as the main activity zone. The Soviet Navy’s Northern Command had its headquarters and main military units deployed there. Murmansk oblast has never freezing seaports and the Soviets kept their nuclear submarines there. The Northern Command’s fleet included long-range rocket-propelled aviation vehicles; they were deployed in this area. It is also interesting that at the time the Soviet Ministry of Defense operated 5 concealed administrative-territorial units in the Murmansk Oblast.

Being a strategically significant military beachhead for the possible Soviet military attack on the West, the Murmansk Oblast was under the "security umbrella" of GRU.

They benefitted from Ordukhan as an undercover agent to control the population's activities. If you remember, skilled Azerbaijanis in "perestroika" (a political movement for reformation within the Communist Party during the 1980s and 1990s) started to create their own trade networks throughout the USSR and to develop small entrepreneurship in the form of cooperatives. Murmansk, which is the favorite place for establishing ties with the West, especially the port in this city, was considered as one of the main channels for delivering "deficit" goods from Europe. For this reason, GRU ordered Ordukhan to join the Azerbaijani community in Murmansk, to control the contacts of the Azerbaijanis with foreigners, and, if necessary, to use it for the interests of the military intelligence.

Ordukhan Babirov makes attempts to create a "patriotic" image. But the fact is that Ordukhan Babirov, often boasting with his high physical and combat training skills, as well as his brothers, did not participate in military operations during the Nagorno-Karabakh war, as well as in the battles for the defense of his native home Jabrail. Nevertheless, Ordukhan spread false information about his involvement in military operations.

He also sometimes attempts to present himself as an "old frontier" (member of Azerbaijani Popular Front), to take advantage of Abulfaz Elchibey's factor, and of the ideology of the national liberation movement. But it is interesting that neither he himself nor his brothers participated in defense of the homeland during Abulfaz Elchibey's presidency. Sometimes, however, in the social media correspondence, he is trying to justify the fact that he did not fight in Nagorno-Karabakh, describing the mentioned war as a "play". He also tries to introduce himself as a "hero" who helped allegedly from distance. He wrote in one of his social media post about his brothers' involvement in battles, that he was making money and was carrying ammunition with cars imported from abroad to support them. He also explains that these cars are "small cars", such as "Mercedes", "Ford" and "Jiguli". Imagine in a moment a transportation of ammunition inside these cars.

However, the information confirms that the brothers Ordukhan Shakir Babirov born in 1959 and Babir Babirov, 1966, weren't listed in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Despite the fact that Babir Babirov was still in Ukraine in 1988, he graduated from the military department of the radio-electronics specialty at Kharkov University and was released with a "lieutenant" military rank.

According to some reports, his brother Babir was involved in secret cooperation with Soviet intelligence agencies (KGB) during his education in Kharkov. His brothers Shakir and Babir live in foreign countries - one in Turkey and the other in Kazakhstan.

Ordukhan Babirov's eldest brother, Khanlar, born in 1953, has been working at the medical institutions of the Defense Ministry (mainly based in Baku) since 21.03.1993. In 1998, with mayor rank, he was released as a health care officer because of the illness. There is no information and no witness to this person’s being in the contact line or in the operational area during active operations in Nagorno-Karabakh.

As you can see, the “deserter-fighter-agent” Ordukhan is also a "professional" in spreading lies.

Our source says that due to the completion of the recruiting Ordukhan in 1989, it was decided to continue cooperation with him as he proved himself as a devoted agent during military service.

According to the obtained information, in 1990, the documents of this person were sent to the Ministry of Defense of the former Soviet Union by the Jabrail District Commissariat on request. According to available information, O.Babirov was included in the agent apparatus of the former Soviet military intelligence with the nickname "Kentavr". Ordukhan's activities with the «Center» were coordinated by the person who presents himself as "Pavel".

Also, we have information about Ordukhan went beyond the instructions and permissions of the Russian intelligence agencies and deceived many Russian women to obtain their apartments for personal and material interests.

We would like to note that during the investigation of Ordukhan Babirov, some "sensitive" information about another person who has settled in Europe has attracted our attention. This person has settled in Germany under the pretext of being subjected to pressure and imprisonment in Azerbaijan. This "intellectual", closely connected with the Ordukhan, regularly acts as an initiator of "blackening" campaigns against the prominent representatives of the national liberation movement, as well as the traditional opposition political forces in the country. He is actively using the TV channel created under the name of "independent and free media" in propaganda. We will clarify the facts about him later, in order not to distract our readers from the main subject.

You will find in the next article the details of O.Teymurkhan's "beyond activities" during the racketeering, consequently being punished by the intelligence services and then sent to Europe with the task to commit activities against Azerbaijan. In addition, you will be able to read the information about his migration business in Europe, as well as information how GRU has used Ordukhan in order to develop its recruitment targets among immigrants from Azerbaijan and Turkey.

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