A-level Education Center talks co-op with EU Business School (PHOTO)

Society Materials 23 April 2021 11:13 (UTC +04:00)
A-level Education Center talks co-op with EU Business School (PHOTO)

Hello everyone! Are you interested in education abroad? Then this interview will be interesting to you. Today we talk to Ayan Aliyeva, director of A-level Education Center. Hello, Ayan xanim!

- Hello! Can you introduce yourself for our readers?

- My name is Ayan Aliyeva, I am A-level director for nearly 15 years. We have collaborations with many universities, and EU Business School is one of them.

- Can you give us general information about EU Business School?

- EU Business School was founded in 1973. It is an international school with campuses in Munich, Barcelona, Geneva and Montreal. A-level Education Center is a partner with EU Business School for a couple of years already. Today I want to convince you that if you want to study abroad, this is the best choice.

Students are offered preparatory courses, for Bachelors and Master’s program with small and dynamic classes in English. If English is not your first language, you have to take Foundation program. Students are prepared for a career in a dynamic business world. EU Business School is the place, where future financial analysts, accountants and entrepreneurs are born.

- Does EU Business School specialize only in business?

- This university is a synthesis of lots of business programs. The stress in learning is put on getting up-to-date practical business skills. Teachers of EU Business School are practical business consultants, founders and CEOs of companies, who have a great experience in their areas.

- What can you tell about the student life in the university?

- EU Business School campuses are located in some of the most dynamic European cities, which are rich in their cultural heritage. Trips to other cities and countries are organized; excursions and trainings to big European companies take place, so that students can enjoy studying hard.

How did the pandemic influence the style of learning?

- Initially EU Business School had both bachelors and masters programs. In the 2020-2021 season studying was flexible: both online and offline.During an academic year there are a few dates when a student can start studying. The goal of EU Business School is supplying students with high quality education in a comfortable environment.

- What is the process of admission to EU Business School?

- The process of admission is relatively easy. Students can upload/send documents online. Candidates are evaluated using standardized tests like IELTS and TOEFL. In addition, there should be a copy of a document about previous education.

- Can a student stay in the country after studying and are there chances to find work?

- School has connections with local companies in the cities where there are campuses, therefore students can find an internship or work after graduation. Among EU Business School partners, there are such institutions as financial chamber of Geneva, Jazz festival in Montreal, TEDx in Switzerland, Munich and Barcelona, International organization of Labor. The majority of alumni work during the 6 months after graduation, do an internship or continue studying on a next level program. EU Business School career center does individual consultations for students and helps with writing CV, interviews, finding opportunities for networking. Among the companies and organizations where alumni work are the following: UNESCO, SONY, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT, WWF, Nestle, Deloitte, Wolkswagen, Nike, IBM, Novartis.

- Why do students choose EU Business School?

- EU Business School takes leader positions in international rankings of business universities, for example 1st place in online MBA program in international ranking of CEO magazine; 4 stars for unique accomplishments in the sphere of business education in QSStars system; 5th place in Europe in investments to education according to QS ranking; 6th place in the list of the best business schools for women according to Capital version; 14th place in the world in online MBA according to QS top MBA ranking; Among 20 best business schools in the world according to the opinion of China Economic Review; the best results of students’ preparation quality according to QStop MBA ranking.

It means that this university fits into the highest standards. If you dream about a career in business, choose EU Business School. You will not regret!

- Thanks a lot for the interview!

- Thanks a lot! I wish you good luck!