London Honours Memory of Victims of Khojali Genocide

Society Materials 26 February 2007 20:47 (UTC +04:00)

France, Strasburg/ Trend , corr. E. Madjidli/ An event dedicated to the 15 th anniversary of the Khodjali Tragedy has been organized and held in London by the Club of Azerbaijani Youth and Organization "Caspian-Khazri".

During his speech at the event organized in the popular "Frontline Club", which held British journalists, Dr. Faramaz Yazichi firstly reported on the history of the region, its historical data and Armenians settling in Karabakh. Yazichi spoke about the Khojali Tragedy and brought to the attention of listeners, material he had prepared especially on the topic. The documentary relating the Khojali Tragedy, which was screened in the second part of the event had a great impression on the participants. Azerbaijanis living and working in the British Capital, representatives of the Turkish society and British journalists took part in the event.

Afterwards an open exposition, dedicated to the Khojali Tragedy was organized in one of the London's central streets High Street Kingston. The exposition lasted three hours. Books and leaflets on the Khodjali events were distributed free of charge to those interested, as well as verbal information on thisthe bloodshed committed by Armenians.