Azerenergy generates over 20,051bn kw/h energy in Jan-Nov

Oil&Gas Materials 6 December 2005 15:00 (UTC +04:00)

In January to November 2005 Azerenergy produced over 20,051 billion kW/hour of energy. The thermo-power stations produced 17,359bn KW/h of the total, while hydro-power stations - 2,692 billion kW/h. Besides, energy flows continued with the neighboring countries вЂ" Russia (924,531 million kW/h), Iran (578,332 million kW/h) and Turkey (358,736 million kW/h).

In November the company produced over 2,042 billion kW/h of energy. The hydro-
power stations generated approximately 296 million kW/h, thermo-power stations - 1,746 billion kW/h. As a result of energy exchange Russia delivered to Azerbaijan 76,353 million kW/h of energy, Iran вЂ" 70.7 million kW/h and Turkey вЂ" 36.1 million kW/h). The same time Azerbaijan supplied 32,110 million kW/h of electricity to Russia and Iran вЂ" 9.09 million kW/h.

By the end of year the company forecasts to produce 23 billion Kw/h. Over 21,344 billion KW/h of energy was produced in the system in 2004. The production by hydro-power stations made up 2,755bn KW/h, thermo-power stations - 18,589 billion Kw/h.