Georgia, Azerbaijan Eager to Carry out Exchange of Electricity - Georgian Prime Minister

Oil&Gas Materials 1 December 2006 11:45 (UTC +04:00)

Zurab Nogaideli, the Georgian Prime Minister, who was on a business trip to Azerbaijan, stated that at present Georgia is still repaying its debt for electricity to Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

Georgia owes Azerbaijan 13 mln KW/h of electricity. The talks in Baku also considered a mutual exchange of electricity between the two countries.

Azerbaijan proposed that Georgia carry out an exchange of electricity. Georgia could deliver electric energy to Azerbaijan during the night and Azerbaijan could return the delivery of electric energy to Georgia during the day.

Almost 95% of the electricity generated in Georgia is from hydro-electric power stations. The highest level of electricity generation is at night. Georgia could supply approximately 100 MW of electricity and have it returned at a later stage.

Nogaideli stated that the volume could be even higher.