Kyrgyzstan shares data on internal debt

Kyrgyzstan Materials 21 February 2023 12:28 (UTC +04:00)
Alyona Pavlenko
Alyona Pavlenko
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 21. The internal debt of Kyrgyzstan has increased by 207.4 million soms ($2 million) from February 17, Trend reports via Kyrgyz media.

As of February 20, the internal debt of Kyrgyzstan has amounted to 90.8 billion soms ($1.038 billion), while on February 17 the figure was 90.6 million soms ($1.036 billion).

The increase in debt is influenced by the Ministry of Finance’s borrowings via 5-year government bonds, the placement of which took place on February 17.

Initially, the Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan intended to attract 350 million soms ($4 million), but the demand for government securities turned out to be lower. Consequently, the Ministry placed in the exchange market bonds worth only 207.5 million soms ($2.3 million) at an annual interest rate of 16.02 percent.

According to information, the internal debt of Kyrgyzstan at the end of 2022 amounted to 88 billion soms ($1.016 billion).

Almost all of the country's internal debt accounted for government loans through treasury bonds with a maturity rate of 2 to 20 years.

Notably, in 2022, the internal debt of Kyrgyzstan increased by 24.2 percent since the beginning of the year. This is due to a rise in borrowings on bonds of all placement periods, except for 20-year government bonds.