Iran's Endorsement of Additional Protocol shall be cancelled if Current Conditions Don't Change

Iran Materials 8 May 2006 13:18 (UTC +04:00)

(Fars News Agency)- More than 160 parliament members Sunday announced in a statement that in case the UN Secretary General and UNSC members do not adhere to their duty to settle Iran's nuke case peacefully, parliament will have no alternative but to urge the government to withdraw from the additional protocol.

A part of the statement reads, "The Islamic Republic of Iran suspended all its peaceful nuclear activities for two and a half years in order to build confidence at world level, remove ambiguities and ease tensions, the result of which was evident in Mr. Elbaradei's report in Nov. 2005 where the IAEA Director-General officially announced that Iran has not deviated from the Agency's rules and regulations."

"Iran's measure to put an end to its voluntary suspension by the end of the said period was in conformity with the IAEA rules and in compliance with the international norms and regulations, specially considering that continuation of Tehran's voluntary suspension would have certainly meant trampling of the legal and guaranteed rights of the Islamic Republic in the field of nuclear technology stipulated in article 4 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)," it continued.

The parliament members further stressed that the US pressures on the IAEA and its political efforts to portray Iran's peaceful nuclear activities as a global threat are all a blatant violation of the principles and chapters of the United Nations Charter, articles 33 to 37 of chapter 6 in particular.

Elsewhere, the signatories asserted, "As representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, who have not impeded endorsement, execution and facilitation of frequent inspections by the IAEA during the two and a half years of the voluntary implementation of the additional protocol, we expect the United Nations Secretary General to pay due attention to the creditability of the international treaties and laws and the United Nations performance and (thus, we expect him) not to allow the US to keep up approaching Iran's case under chapter 7, instead of settling the case through peaceful means and within chapter 6."

The MPs have warned that in case the UN chief and the UNSC member states do not adhere to their duties to solve Iran's nuke case peacefully, parliament will have no other alternative but to urge the government to withdraw from the additional protocol and put the study and review of article 10 of the NPT on its agenda.

The statement has finally underscored that if Iran's nuclear case is brought back to normal, the ground will be paved for taking further confidence building measures, including an approval of the additional protocol by the Islamic Consultative Assembly.