Iran calls for US policy change in Iraq, hints at assistance

Iran Materials 16 December 2006 11:09 (UTC +04:00)

(IRNA) - Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani said Friday Washington can count on Tehran's assistance if the White House changes its policy in Iraq, reports Trend.

"If Americans insist on their erroneous strategy, they should not expect us to help them," he told reporters on the sidelines of the 4th Assembly of Experts and 3rd local council elections as well as second by-elections of the 7th Majlis.

Larijani said certain states in the region were acting "wickedly," and "with their lobbies and adventurist behavior, they want the US not to change its strategy."

"Americans can move in a more sensible direction provided that they do not go along adventurism," he added.

He said the US Administration had committed a great mistake in its Iraq startegy and now intends to correct it, but added that "they should first admit that they have stepped into a mistaken direction."

"If the US adopts the right strategy, it can then count on Iran's cooperation. We are not willing to assit them in the wrong way," the SNSC secretary said.

Larijani, who is chief negotiator in the talks on Iran's nuclear case, also said that the referral of the case to the Security Council was void of any legal siginificance.

"If there is any technical problem, it should be discussed in the International Atomic Energy Agency and the best, logical solution is through negotiations," he asserted.

Suggesting that a UNSC resolution can harm logical and reasonable solutions in the region, he said "regrettably, some approaches drive us to conditions to withhold the help we can provide in the region." To a question on Iran and its relations with the IAEA, he said Tehran and the UN nuclear watchdog enjoy close ties.

"As long as the IAEA is not invalidated, we will keep our honest approach," said the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council.