Iran to hold tender for glass fiber production plant construction

Business Materials 10 December 2016 16:33 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 10

By Fatih Karimov – Trend:

Marand Glass Fiber Development Company (MGF Co.) affiliated to Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) of Iran, intends to award the contract for construction of glass fiber production plant through a tender bid upon following terms and conditions.

1- Employer/Client: Marand Glass Fiber Development Company.

2- Project: Design and construction of Glass Fiber Production Plant.

3- Location: Zonouz Industrial Zone, Marand City, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

4- Contract: Engineering, Procurement, supervision, commissioning, performance test, training and startup, with respect to Laws and Regulations of the I.R. of Iran.

5- Plant Capacity: 30,000 tons per year of fiberglass.

6- Estimation of the investment: about 40 million euros for the subject of tender.

7- Prequalification categories: Design and engineering, technology transfer, supply and procurement of equipment and machinery, commissioning, supervision, financial position, heating up, operation and training.

8- Due for acquisition of documents: Dec. 14, 2016 through the following websites: http://www.idro.org/enidro/Pages/Tender_Projects.aspx, http://www.mgfd.ir/endownload.html, http://iets.mporg.ir.

9- Delivering filled documents: during 3 weeks from announcement (no later than Dec. 28, 2016) the filled documents should be posted to the following address.

Address: No. 3, 23rd Alley, Janbazan Blvd., Farshi Moghaddam St. (16th), North Kargar, Tehran 1438753665, Iran.

Tel: (+9821)88229035

Fax: (+9821)88021677

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