Renewable energy development in Iran depends on change in economic policy

Business Materials 12 June 2019 14:47 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, June 12


The 7th International Conference on Renewable Energies has kicked off on June 11 at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Trend reports.

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Energy Institute of Iran Mohammad Sadegh Ghazizadeh said that the world is moving towards renewable energy to be used instead of carbon resources .

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has also taken steps in this regard, but the development in this direction requires changes in the economic policycreation of a new market style for it,” said Ghazizadeh.

He went on to emphasize the need for strict laws and regulations to facilitate process and achieve desirable outcome.

The head of the Energy Institution has criticized the lack of research and development (R&D) work in the field of renewable energy. “Today, the R&D budget is negligible, while $430 million are allocated for the purchase of electricity,” he added.

In his words, the renewable energy sector now has no potential to compete with fossil fuels, and that the attitude to this sector needs to be changed. "Currently, we can produce maximum 3,000 megawatts of renewable energy,” Ghazizadeh said.

The head of the Iranian Wind Energy Association Hashim Oraie, who also made a speech at the conference, noted, "Renewable energies in our country have been caught in a defective cycle of energy economics that should be reformed at the start of this cycle."

He went on to emphasize the need for a new approach to renewable energies. "Lack of a strategy, comprehensive energy program and inefficient management are among the main reasons for not developing the renewable industry in the country," he said.