Officials say EU, US agree to standardized screening for cargo on US-bound commercial flights

Other News Materials 31 October 2008 03:15 (UTC +04:00)

U.S. government officials say the European Union has agreed to meet U.S. standards for air

cargo screening on half of U.S.-bound passenger flights by February and all flights by 2010, the Associated Press reported.

This fulfills an important post-Sept. 11 recommendation intended to lower the threat of a terrorist shipping dangerous materiel on a commercial aircraft with passengers. The change moves flights originating in Europe closer to the level of security now in place for international flights originating in the United States.

A Homeland Security Department official described the agreement on condition of anonymity ahead of an announcement of the new policy, which was expected Friday.

The agreement, long in the works, establishes consistent screening requirements for air cargo between the United States and the EU.