Hundreds protest as world leaders meet for summit

Other News Materials 15 November 2008 23:21 (UTC +04:00)

Hundreds of protesters rallied in the U.S. capital as world leaders met for an emergency economic summit, according to AP.

Outside the summit, the largest protest came from the nearly 200 demonstrators supporting Tibetan independence. They were joined by a smaller group from the spiritual movement Falun Gong in protesting China, which is attending the financial meeting at the National Building Museum.

Protesters chanted "Shame on China" on the outskirts of the perimeter established by police.

About 10 protesters from the ANSWER coalition - a group that has drawn thousands of antiwar protesters to Washington in the past - marched and picketed outside the building.

Farther away, more than 100 protesters rallied at Murrow Park. About midday, they began marching in the streets, led by a band of horns and protesters on stilts. At a traffic circle, they placed banners on a statue with messages like "Bury Capitalism" and "People Over Profit."