Does this state oppose or sponsor terrorism?

Other News Materials 29 June 2015 13:37 (UTC +04:00)
The USA does not fight against Islam, but against extremists distorting it and engaged in terrorism
Does this state oppose or sponsor terrorism?

"The USA does not fight against Islam, but against extremists distorting it and engaged in terrorism. No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for violence and terrorism."

This view was expressed by US President Barack Obama in a "Fight against extremist" summit held in Washington early this year, "Qafqazinfo" reported. By making several statements of this nature each year, the White House leader wants to convince the public that the fight against terror, one of the biggest threats to humanity, is top of the US government's list of priorities.

However, facts attest to the contrary. Experience shows that after the collapse of the USSR, the USA has created a new enemy - "Muslim terrorism". In other words, America itself is responsible for creating centers of terrorism, terrorist organizations and conflict zones in different regions of the world and for waging an artificial fight against them. The anti-terror operation is simply a US imitation.

The USA originally developed its anti-terror policy in the wake of 11 September, which put an end to the lives of more than 3,000 people. Washington immediately announced the start of a worldwide campaign against terrorism. This is how the global anti-terror coalition was established. The United States thus acquired the necessary ammunition to intervene in the regions it was in conflict with. It is therefore no coincidence that the first country the coalition entered was Afghanistan. It had been America's long-cherished dream to invade a country close to Chinese and Russian borders.

In addition, by invading Afghanistan, America also established control over drug trafficking and significant financial resources it has always fetched.

The next victim of the "fight against terror" was Iraq. It provided the White House with the opportunity to finish the job that remained outstanding from the first Gulf War.
As is known, the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq is still unstable and tense to this day. Various terror groups control territories that sometimes exceed those managed by the government.

This suggests that in an effort to strengthen its positions in certain regions around the world, the USA is taking advantage of the 9/11 situation.

Incidentally, according to a report released by the US Criminal Investigations Service (CIS), the Federal Bureau of Investigations is responsible for concealing the truth about the events of 11 September 2001 (). Another aspect that has drawn the attention of leading US newspapers is that the salaries of the personnel of the US Central Intelligence Agency were increased four times immediately after the 11 September events.

The secret documents of the US Central Intelligence Agency published by WikiLeaks indicate that the developments of recent years have increased the threat of America becoming a terror-exporting country. The documents also suggest that "non-Arab or Muslim looking Americans" were involved in the acts of terror committed by Al-Qaeda recently.

Interestingly, WikiLeaks disclosed a total of 77 secret documents regarding the US operation in Afghanistan, including the killing of the country's civilian population.
This is being continued by means of the Islamic State, the most radical imitation of the US "anti-terror" coalition. Under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State, a new coalition has been created and blows are being dealt to Syria and Iraq.

"The Islamic State did not emerge because of the demise of Mosul and Ramada, but is a product of a US scenario." This was stated not by us, but by the US Defense Intelligence Agency (http://www.dia.mil/). The agency's seven-page report suggests that the White House was aware of the Islamic State's existence at least in 2012. Despite this, military and financial assistance was provided to its predecessors Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Iraqi Islamic State.

By providing training to these groups, the USA demonstrated the strategic importance it attached to the development of the IS for its geopolitical interests. America needed a "subcontractor" to isolate Damascus and fight the growing authority of Iran. This is also why America needed jihadists. As a result, America not only turned a blind eye to the emergence of the organization, but also provided comprehensive support to it.

Curiously enough, although the US "anti-terror operation" has been ongoing for more than 15 years, the number of acts of terror and victims of terrorism is growing relentlessly. According to a UN report, whereas in 2013 the number of victims of terrorism in the world was 18,000, it increased by a stunning 35 percent last year (http://www.ibtimes.com/terror-report-2014-terror-attack-victims-foreign-fighters-lone-wolf-violence-1975554).

Therefore, claims that the US has provided support to anti-government terrorists and staged revolutions in countries of the Middle East and Latin America are gaining momentum. It is at least clear that terrorism has turned into a dirty tool in the hands of the USA and the West to pursue their geopolitical, economic and ideological interests.