Total of 30 people come to Russian Consulate General in Seattle on its last day

Russia Materials 31 March 2018 12:07 (UTC +04:00)

On the last day of its operations, the Russian Consulate General in Seattle received about thirty visitors, a source at the diplomatic legation told TASS.

"On Tuesday, there was a very big inflow of visitors - about 300 people," a member of the consular staff said. "Fewer people came on Wednesday and Thursday and today [on Friday] we had thirty or so visitors."

"We only handed out the documents and no one was standing in line by the closure our [17:00 hours PDT]," he said.

Russia’s Senior Consul in Seattle, Khalit Aisin, said earlier the Russians living or visiting the West Coast could address the consular department of the Embassy in Washington, as well as the remaining Consulates General in New York and Houston, after the closure of the Consulate General in Seattle

The Consulate, which has ceased to exist at the order of the US authorities as part of solidarity with the UK over the controversial Skripal poisoning case, covered a district including Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, and also on Guam, the American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands.