Azerbaijani Unibank expands its cashline functions

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Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 4


The cashlines of Unibank have been adapted to the customers' needs: from now on, you can withdraw money from our cashlines in the banknotes nominations that you need. Enter your card in the cashline, indicate the amount you would like to withdraw and you will see the screen menu giving you the choice of the banknotes in either only big nominations or in a mix of big and small ones. Depending on what the customer chooses, the requested amount at Unibank cashlines can give the whole amount in a minimum or mixed note. So, you no longer have to break the big money now: our cashlines will do that for you.

About 80 cashlines are serving our customers in Baku as well as in various parts of the country. The Unibank cashlines have the broad functionality. Unibank is the first local bank to let its customers apply for cash loans or repay loans at cashlines. Besides, the cashlines bring you the SMS bank services alongside the payment of utility fees and the card to card service, also to make international money transfers. If the customer wishes, he can change the PIN-code of the debit card without any fees.

From now on, the Cash by Code facility lets you withdraw money without using bank cards. The Cash by Code is a quit, comfortable, easy and safe service that is available in the 7/24 mode. It lets you take money from your account and make a transfer to a cashline where your beneficiary can withdraw the money without having a bank card. To do that, pick the Cash by Code service, enter the amount and the beneficiary's mobile phone number and then get the print-out containing the first part of the code. The second part of the code goes to the beneficiary's mobile phone. The beneficiary comes up to the cashline, enters the first and then the second parts of the code and withdraws the money from the cashline.

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