Green Party of Azerbaijan to Hold Protest against Construction of Nuclear Reactor

Politics Materials 19 October 2007 16:04
Green Party of Azerbaijan to Hold Protest against Construction of Nuclear Reactor

Azerbaijan, Baku /corr. Trend S. Ilhamgizi / The Green Party of Azerbaijan (GPA) will hold a demonstration in front of the buildings belonging to the Azerbaijani Government and embassies of foreign countries to protest against the construction of the first research nuclear reactor in Azerbaijan, the GPA Co-Chair, Mais Gulaliyev, reported to Trend on 19 October.

After Azerbaijan's appeal, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) gave permission for the construction of the first research nuclear reactor in the country. The reactor is envisaged to begin to be constructed in 2009 and completed in 2010.

The Institute for Radiation Problems of Azerbaijan's National Academy of Sciences devised and submitted to the Government a pack of proposals regarding the construction of an nuclear power station (NPS) in Azerbaijan. The Institute considers it necessary to create alternative energy sources in Azerbaijan. Arguing that nuclear technology poses a serious threat to the health of people and the natural environment, the Green Party of Azerbaijan protests against its establishment.

The Party considers that Azerbaijan should use alternative sources such as hydro, wind, and solar energy. Moreover, the GPA considers that Azerbaijan should decrease oil and gas production. Together, these two initiatives will provide significant benefits to the natural environment and prevent conflicts in the Caspian region.

"Confrontations may appear between the trans-national corporations as a result of fighting for hydrocarbon reserves in the Caspian region. Therefore, in order to ensure political stability, there needs to be a decrease in oil and gas production and more of a use of hydro-power," Gulaliyav said.

According to him, the IAEA, the United States, and the European Parliament oppose the development of nuclear energy around the world and the reason of their assistance in constructing an atomic research reactor is the desire to decrease Azerbaijan's hydrocarbon dependence.

"Western countries do their best to decrease Azerbaijan's using its own energy resources produced in the Caspian Sea in order to ensure their energy exports to Europe in large volumes. Those countries trying to receive ready energy from other countries do so without having to actually experience the health and ecological damages that the production countries must face. As a result, energy-producing countries lose their health and ecological sustainability," Gulaliyev said.

According to him, in this regard, the Party plans to hold peaceful protests in front of the Parliament, the Energy and Industry Ministry, as well as the US Embassy and the UN Office in Azerbaijan. However, the Party does not announce the exact dates.

The GPA also protests against Georgia's construction of a nuclear station near the Azerbaijani border. The organization will take part in the protests to be held by the Green Party of Georgia. Georgia has already made a decision to construct a nuclear power station. The station is planned to be put into operation within the next three to five years.

Scientific medicine has already confirmed that radiation causes diseases such as cancer, leukaemia, brain paralysis, and cardiac failure.

Azerbaijan's independent ecologists believe if the atomic reactor to be constructed in Azerbaijan emits radiation it will inevitably harm people's health.