Hezbollah Bringing Lebanon to Political Crisis – ex-President

Politics Materials 19 February 2008 20:05 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 19 February / Trend corr R. Hafizoglu / The Hezbollah group, with its policy contradicting the interests of Lebanon, is bringing the country to a desperate political crisis. Hezbollah, leading the country to big wars, led the Lebanese into a blind-alley, the ex-President of Lebanon Amin Gemayel said to Trend.

As a result of the political crisis in Lebanon, the presidential elections, which were scheduled for September 2007, were postponed 14 times. The Lebanese Parliament is expected to meet on 26 February to set a date for the presidential elections.

The leader of Druses (an Islamic movement) in Lebanon Valid Janbolat and the son of the murdered Prime Minister Rafig al-Hariri - Sadeddin al-Hariri, accuse Hezbollah of political crisis in the country.

According to the former President, Hezbollah artificially creates setbacks for the establishment of a National Government in Lebanon. Hezbollah, sacrifices the national interests of the Lebanese for the strategic interests of Syria and Iran, acts from dictation of these governments," Gemayel said from Lebanon on 19 February via email.

He said that the Lebanese government is in a critical situation and a great majority of people are under the influence of various groups and political circles impeding national reconciliation and promoting internal factions. "The political powers giving preference to national interests of Lebanon and me as well are doing our best to prevent any confrontation on national ground. Unfortunately, I want to mention that this is no guarantee as a response to our efforts," the former President said.

According to the President, the fact that the presidential elections in Lebanon did not take place will contribute to the deepening of the crisis and will especially have an impact on government and official circles.