New Centrifuges in Iran to Cause Sharp Reaction – Iranian Political Scientist

Politics Materials 8 April 2008 19:46 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 8 April / Trend corr. D.Khatinoglu / Establishment of new types of centrifuges by Iran in the nuclear stations, despite the demands of international communities, may result in strengthening of sanctions against the country. "Establishment of new centrifuges by Iran will cause sharp reaction of the international communities," Ahmad Zeydabadi, the Iranian political scientist, stated.

The National Nuclear Technology Day is marked in Iran on 8 April. The Iranian President Ahmadinejad stated in the Natanz station on 8 April that a plan would be developed to establish 6,000 centrifuges. According to IRNA, he noted that Iran will not stop uranium enrichment and will not discuss its nuclear program with any organizations except IAEA.

"The disputes on the nuclear program of Iran are gradually intensifying", Zeydabadi informed Trend by a telephone from Teheran. According to Zeydabadi, Iran has set up new centrifuges in Natanz station. "New centrifuges may be of F2 type or more upgrade and strong version, which will increase the uranium enrichment by three or four times," the Iranian political scientist stated.

Commenting on the proposals by Havier Solano, European Union Commissioner on Foreign Policy, that the political and economic privileges must begranted to Teheran in the case the country refuses from the program, Zeydabadi stated that the official Teheran stated that it will not stop the uranium enrichment program.

Huseyn Lajavardi, the chairman of the Iranian Research Association, stated that Ahmadinejad's words concerning the project are absurd. "IAEA, particularly, is controlling the nuclear plan in the country, and the issue was not mentioned in the report developed by the organization. The official Teheran has exaggerated the nuclear issue in order to hide the economic tension in the country. The Iranian Government promised $50 for each family in the country in connection with the Nuclear Technology Day. Iranian Government undertakes such steps to hide the dissatisfaction in the country," Lajavardi stated to Trend by a telephone from Paris.

According to him, during Ahmadinejad presidency Iran had to choose a policy which contradicted the policy of West. "The United States policy, directed against Iran, will not be changed for a long period and there appears possibilities of war. Iran. Iran is afraid and proposes political bluff," the political scientist said.

Lajavardi believes that the next presidential elections in the United States will not affect the conflict. "The United States sticks to sharp position against Iran and there is high possibility that the Republicans will win the elections. So, more strengthening of the policy against Iran may be observed," he stated.

Up till now, UN Council of Security has adopted three sanctions against the Iranian uranium enrichment plan. West blames Iran of developing nuclear weapon. But, the official Teheran denies these accusations and insists upon the peaceful purpose of the program.