Senlis Council Report is Groundless, Afghanistan Succeeds in Anti Drug Policy: Ministry Representative

Politics Materials 29 August 2008 13:11 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 29 August / Trend corr. D.Khatinoglu / The Senlis Council is an international analytical centre in the sphere of illegal production and distribution of drug called the joint project by the Anti Drug Ministry of Afghanistan and UN regarding the drug situation in the country in 2008 as faked-up. However, Zulmay Afzali, a representative of the Ministry told Trend that the report by Senlis Council was false. Afghanistan, according to Afzali, has reached significant success in struggle against drug distribution and production.

On 28 August, a statement was placed on the official website of the Senlis Council which says that some 7,700t opium was produced in Afghanistan in 2007 and 8,200t in 2008. According to the report by the Afghan Anti Drug Ministry and UN, the drug production fell by 6% in 2008 compared to 2007.

According to Afzali, the Senlis Council, which does not posses a permission to operate in Afghanistan, purposely distribute wrong information about the situation in the country. Council tries to increase its image and to demonstrate the necessity to continue its operating in Afghanistan. "They want to get financial support from International organizations," Afzali said.

Under the Article 7 of the Constitution of Afghanistan, the production, sale and drug trafficking is banned.

Afzali said that the poppy harvest, which is considered as drug plant, drops by 11.3% compared to 2007. "We have visited different regions in the country, talked with people, religious persons and local department officials. The drug harvest had been completely banned in 18 regions," Afzali reported via a telephone from Kabul.

The Government will take serious measures to prevent drug trafficking.

Under the report by the UN in 2007, some 92% opium and 93% heroine production falls on Afghanistan. In 2007, some 8,200t opium was produced in Afghanistan.

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