Polish report on tragedy near Smolensk to be test for relations with Russia

Politics Materials 28 January 2011 18:51 (UTC +04:00)
Poland's report on the tragedy near Smolensk will be the test for relations with Russia, an official Polish source told Trend.
Polish report on tragedy near Smolensk to be test for relations with Russia

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Poland's report on the tragedy near Smolensk will be the test for relations with Russia, an official Polish source told Trend.

Though much time has passed since the catastrophe of the Polish aircraft No. 1, it remains a great tragedy for Poland. This is the way Polish media describe the position of Poland on the report of the Interstate Aviation Committee on the causes of the catastrophe of the Polish aircraft No. 1.

The Interstate Aviation Committee announced the final report on the results of the technical investigation on Jan. 12. According to it, the cause of the crash was the crew's decision not to go to the alternate aerodrome. The systemic reasons are shortcomings in making flight and crew training.

Warsaw's position on the report of the committee was voiced by Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Thursday; he called the report incomplete. He noted that the basic document approval is not questioned by Poland.

Tu-154 crashed on April 10, 2010, during landing at the airfield Smolensk-North. Roughly 96 people, including 88 passengers and eight crew members, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and part of the country's leadership, died.

According to the source, the scale of the disaster is very large. Polish people are deeply concerned. But here, according to the Polish side, one should remember two aspects of the tragedy in Smolensk: one of them - personal feelings about death of people. No one was indifferent to the tragedy. The second aspect concerns the state due to the fact that this disaster was a tragedy for the history of Poland.

"There was not a similar incident in the world history, when the country was deprived of all the top power in a single day, including the military command. Fortunately, Poland has experienced that moment. The democratic foundations of the Polish state were strong enough to overcome this difficult situation with minimal losses," the source said.

All the procedures were performed in accordance with the Constitution, he said. He said this is the first time in the history of the Polish state when the presidential term ended tragically.

The Polish side initially thought the incident as a tragic coincidence. But every incident has a reason, the source said.

The Polish side worked closely with the Interstate Aviation Committee. It submitted comments to the report of the commission in December, which should have been included in the final version.

Unfortunately, after publishing the report of the committee, it became clear that the remarks of the Polish side were not taken into account. According to some sources, this forces Poland to submit a report on the tragedy involving the plane of President Kaczynski. It will be announced in February this year, the Polish media reported.

The Polish Commission's report on the circumstances and causes of the catastrophe of Polish Tu-154 near Smolensk. It contains an exact transcript of the incident in the cockpit and the passenger compartment of the aircraft of the president, as well as the chronicle of events in the dispatcher's room at the Smolensk airport.

Polish commission headed by Interior Minister Jerzy Miller developed own report on the Smolensk catastrophe in parallel with the report prepared by the Interstate Aviation Committee.

The source also quoted Polish Interior Minister. He said that Poland is not looking for guilt of Russian. Poland is looking for mistakes committed at the time.

"Indeed, Poland seeks to create an objective picture that would take into account all the mistakes that led to the crash of the Polish aircraft No 1 both from Polish and Russian sides, by recognizing that much blame lies on the Polish side," he said

Warsaw thinks the report of the committee mostly represents the Russian point of view. Much attention was given to the presence of outsiders in the cockpit of the presidential board. There was not a single word that outsiders were in the control room at the Smolensk airport. Nothing was mentioned, for example, about deputy commander of the North Airport base, Col. Nikolai Krasnokutski among dispatchers. He even negotiated with the crew but did not have the right tothis.

According to press , the Polish side seeks for all the details of the incident, all the objective results of the investigation to be reflected in the intergovernmental document of Polish and Russian sides.

"This document will become a test for the Polish-Russian relations. They are improving now. Two peoples have a right to know the truth. One can not rely on trusting relationships when there is no truth," the Polish source said.