USA tries to regain control on Egypt via Muslim Brothers

Politics Materials 1 July 2011 22:37 (UTC +04:00)
USA tries to regain control on Egypt via Muslim Brothers.

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 1 /Trend, A.Tagiyeva/

The Muslim Brothers organization in Egypt has become a leading force in the politics of the country, so the U.S. officials are trying to regain control on Egypt through a rapprochement with the organization, said the head of the Egyptian Al-Ahram Research Center Yusri Ezbavi.

"The priority for the U.S. government is to control the situation in Egypt, and possibly the cooperation with it. It makes no difference whether the partner will be Muslim Brothers or other leading force," Ezbavi told Trend by telephone from Cairo.

According to expert, Egypt is a country that plays a key role in the processes occurring in the region, it borders with Israel and has made reconciliation inside Palestine, and losing such a partner means for America to lose credibility on the international level.

"According to preliminary surveys, the Muslim Brothers will gain 25 to 30 percent of seats in parliament. Knowing this, the U.S. authorities have begun urgent talks with the brothers to guide the organization in the right channel for America,"- he said.

The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated the intention of the U.S. authorities to resume direct contacts with the Egyptian Islamist organization Muslim Brothers, saying that the U.S. is interested in engaging in dialogue with all parties who conduct a peaceful policy.

According to Ezbavi, there has been a rapprochement between Iran and Egypt, which has caused concerns for Washington and forces it to seek ways of "protection" from the Islamic unification.
"Having established close contact with the Muslim Brothers, the U.S. is trying to prevent the further development of relations between Iran and Egypt," he added.

Ezbavi also said that another winning factor in establishing a relationship with the Muslim Brothers for the U.S. is that the Muslim Brothers organization acts on a vast expanse of the Arab world. Taking control of the Brothers in Egypt, the U.S. government can control the organization in other countries as well, he said.

The situation in Egypt has been remaining unstable from the beginning of the year. In the first half of February, on the backdrop of riots, recession and collapse of security, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned. He handed over power to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt. In recent weeks, new wave of people's dissatisfaction with the military authorities, who are accused of delaying democratic reforms, is growing in the country.

The Muslim Brothers Group, founded in 1928 to create an Islamic state in Egypt, was officially banned in 1954, but during this time, continued influence and popularity in the Egyptian society. After the resignation of Mubarak and the transfer of power to the military, Muslim Brothers began to play a more prominent role in the political life of Egypt. In recent years, the Muslim Brothers repeatedly disclaimed radical methods of struggle.