Top official: Armenia will turn into economically, politically and socially poor formation unless it changes policy

Politics Materials 12 July 2011 17:40 (UTC +04:00)
A premiere of the new play of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's "theater" took place last week, Head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Novruz Mammadov said.
Top official: Armenia will turn into economically, politically and socially poor formation unless it changes policy

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 12 / Trend S.Agayeva /

A premiere of the new play of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's "theater" took place last week, Head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Novruz Mammadov said.

This time, the audience was young officers of the armed forces, he added.

"Obviously, one cannot expect at least a little logic and sense of reality from Sargsyan's performance," Mammadov said. "First, circumstances in today's Armenia force the shaky government to seek different methods of PR, and it is happening when the opposition forces are gaining momentum, and the country is rolling towards an irreversible instability. In this context, "pathology" of this Congress is an internal political propaganda aimed at raising the Armenian society's spirit. The society distorted the line between reality and illusion relying on non-existent historical facts for years. Sargsyan's speech is nothing else than a product for domestic consumption, which does not require the weary in search of the true facts."

Mammadov said Sargsyan widely spoke about the Armenians' favorite historical theme and distorted all historical facts in a manner peculiar to Armenians.

"Of course, even a schoolchild can refute or at least cast doubt on his statements in the 21st century," he underscored. "One knows not scientific evidence, but the falsified history lies in the core of the Armenian history books. So, Aram Andronyan distorted the historical events associated with the genocide and distributed them in the world. Another Armenian - Suren Ayvazian invented a map of Armenia supposedly existed 5,000 years ago, which has nothing common with the historical geography. Today, one Armenian - Serzh Sargsyan - draws dashing image of the Armenian soldier belonging to a noble family and spokes about the traditions of the Armenian military class going back to the Middle Ages in front of inexperienced young officers. However, he forgets to mention that Armenia did not exist on the world map then."

"Why do the Armenians like historical theme so much? Is not it because, all their essence- traitors, toadies and opportunists - is shown here? I would like to present a document that now kept in the Georgian National Archives. It is a document dated July 4, 1827, which says Armenians-Nestorian, betraying their country, pledged to work together with Russia against Persia. The archives have a huge number of similar documents. Maybe Sargsyan would spoke to the young people about this in detail at the next Congress. Let him tell young officers about "a great military leader Andranik", who, being in captivity, begged for mercy for just him on bended knees and with tears in eyes. The 'legendary hero of Armenia, ardent fighter for the restoration of statehood' agreed to pass on all fours between the Sultan bey's shoes like a trained circus poodles under the peasants' laughter just to save his life," Mammadov said.

According to Mammadov, Sargsyan is well aware that the Armenian army, as well as the Armenian society, completely lacks an aspect of the nobility. Because, one should bourn as the noble, not become. "Drawing parallels between today's Army and the nobility, which in fact Armenia lacked as an institution, Sargsyan diverts the society from fundamental problems such as unemployment or a hopeless political, economic and moral situation in the country. One can also name the increasing levels of drug abuse and addiction of gambling, atmosphere in the army, where dedovshina, bribery and indiscipline are improving, indifference of the authorities to public opinion, and the fact that the leadership says one thing, but does another in practice," Mammadov said.

"Regarding the parallels between the officers and intellectuals, it is impossible to become s high moral intellectuals on demand," Mammadov said. "They are brought up in an appropriate sphere from generation to generation. Intellectuals are an interlayer in a global society, represented by a minority, while representatives of different social classes dominate in the armies. However, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan did not bother himself with clarifying the nuance in his speech. Of course, it would be fondly to wait these subtleties from the president in a country where people in power are those who live on concepts rather than on laws, and there is a complete lack of national ethics and the actual truth is ignored."

He said that another nuance in this speech is the fact that, while speaking of hostilities, including the aggression against Azerbaijan, President Sargsyan spoke on his behalf. This gives the impression that he was among the first on the front line. And it would be absurd. "In this case, without specifying that Armenia was always an outpost of other countries as opposed to Azerbaijan," he said. "Armenia preserves the image of the state thanks to other countries' handouts. It is appropriate to recall the following proverb "The dog looks at the haystack and thinks it is its shadow". The recent studies show that the Armenians, who were born in Armenia, do not want to serve in the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh. The living standards have fallen and there is a growing emigration. It may lead to a demographic crisis in the nearest decade."

"So, why have the Armenian authorities decided to hold this convention now?" he inquired. "The answer to this question is as simple as obvious. The matter rests in the fact that Armenia is far behind Azerbaijan in the diplomatic struggle. Azerbaijan has significantly strengthened its political-legal and socio-economic foundations. It has become the undisputed regional leader on economic potential, the level of democratic development. It has strengthened its position in the international arena. But Armenia, as a victim of its own policy, primarily related to the territorial claims to the surrounding countries, turned out in a blockade. It is noteworthy that the inside fear exacerbates the contradictions within the Armenian society. A military parade in Baku was irrefutable proof of the Azerbaijan Republic's advantage. Today, time moves in favor of Azerbaijan, pulling the desperate state of Armenia. The fear of an advantage cannot be hidden by banal speech in the world where geo-economics dominates over geopolitics and 70 percent of economic power in the region falls to Azerbaijan."

It is clear that Armenia will turn into an economically, politically, and socially poor formation, forced to ask for leniency from its powerful neighbors, if it does not change its policy, Mammadov stressed.

"President Sargsyan has formed his speech in the form of orders, tasks set for the young people," he said. "Physically, the soldiers can still achieve the ideal imposed upon them by their own president. But will they be able to be an example of courage and valor? I think no one doubt about the answer - never."

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