Politics Materials 8 October 2005 12:40 (UTC +04:00)

“The authorities seek peace and quite, while the opposition is anxious for confrontation,” MP Zalimkhan Yagub told Trend . He was commenting on the attitude to �Azadlig’ (Freedom) election bloc’s desire to hold an unsanctioned rally in Baku on Saturday.

According to Yagub, despite the opposition’s loyalty to democracy and strict adherence to law, the practice testifies for contrary. “The authorities show the way to the opposition, but

they follow their own path. Democracy is the laws laid by the government. The opposition makes a big mistake not obeying the law. What purpose the opposition pursues with their aspiration to hold a rally in the centre of the capital, while they always stage rallies in Galaba square?,” he asked

As to the pressure of the police upon the participants of the action, Yagub stressed that it was not guilty of the police, but the forces seeking confrontation. He underlined that the police acts within the laws.