8 out of 11 criminal cases of elections violations reviewed

Politics Materials 5 April 2006 12:30 (UTC +04:00)

8 out of 11 criminal cases of elections violations, addressed to the court have received sentences, the General Attorney Office told Trend.

351 appeals arrived to the Attorney office regarding the violations at the parliamentary elections of November 6, 2005, 99- of them came from the Electoral Commission, 34- from district electoral commissions, 4- from the electoral blocs, 31- from the law enforcement bodies and 183- from private citizens. In 3 cases the MP nominees were called to the court, in 1 case to the administrative punishment. 105 appeals were declined for the lack of evidences or of criminal element in the case. In 5 cases the plaintiffs received explanations regarding the legislature, and other 5 appeals were declined due to their anonymity. 179 appeals were sent either to the electoral commissions or to law enforcement bodies depending on their nature.

18 criminal cases have been opened; 6 of them connected with luring voters, 5- faking documents, 3-hooliganism, 1- using force against the state officials, 2- intervention into the electoral commission work or influencing it, 1- abuse of power. 3 cases from the above mentioned offences have been suspended, 2 are still in investigation, 11 criminal cases were sent to courts. Out of these 11 cases 8 have already received the court sentence.