WB funding of waste management project in Azerbaijan almost complete

Business Materials 26 December 2016 20:02 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 26

By Azad Hasanli – Trend:

The World Bank (WB) has already allocated $43.13 million out of $47.1 million within the Additional Financing for the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project in Azerbaijan, according to the WB report posted on its website.

“The project continues to progress well. All activities under the parent project have been completed successfully. Activities under the Additional Financing (AF) are progressing well,” says the report.

“The closing date of the additional financing was extended until March 30, 2018,” says the report. “The remaining time prior to project closing should be sufficient to complete all activities. Disbursements under the AF stand at $43.13 million, equivalent to 92 percent of the AF. The parent project funds have been fully disbursed.”

The project has five components: institutional reform, capacity building and project management (costs $7.66 million), Balakhani landfill upgrading and management (costs $12.64 million), closure and management of other dumps (costs $7.55 million), urgent collection equipment for 5 outer Baku districts (costs $5.90 million), technical preparation of post-project investments (costs $2.24 million), according to the report.

The main project on the solid waste management was approved in June 2008. Its total cost is $41.5 million. All activities under the parent project have been completed successfully. These include the first phase of rehabilitation of the Balakhani landfill, closure and remediation of 154 hectares of wild dumps, procurement of secondary collection equipment, technical assistance to improve the solid waste management system in Baku, and capacity building for the state owned waste management company Tamiz Shahar.

Azerbaijan joined the WB in 1992.