Highest salary fixed in tourism in Uzbekistan

Business Materials 4 March 2019 16:31 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, March 04

By Fakhri Vakilov-Trend:

An average salary of an employee in tourism business, which was offered by employers in January-February 2019, turned out to be the highest in Uzbek labor market, Trend reports referring to Uzbek media.

Recruiting company HeadHunter (HH) said the average salary of employees in the tourism and hotel industry was 9.7 million soums ($1,150) per month. At the same time, the lowest salary was also offered in the field of tourism - 70,321 soums ($8.3) per month.

Judging by the median (median is the salary value located in the middle of studied array in ascending order), those who are employed in the installation and service ($628) and the automobile business ($568) earned the most.

Insurance ($120) and security ($155) areas earned the least of all.

The maximum salary was proposed in the Production area - $1,750. The top three also include Information Technology, internet and telecom ($1,700) and tourism, hotels, restaurants ($ 1,500).

The most demanded salary among the applicants ranged from $400 to $600 in January-February. The figure ranging from $225 to $312 came as the second in that period of 2018, and it was followed by $76–150 and $225–300 a month.

An interesting point is that the HH report for the past year featured slightly different salaries. Thus, now employees of the automotive business with a monthly payment of $4,000, employees in the field of top management and production ($2,500) and experts in the field of raw materials extraction ($2,100) have disappeared from the list of vacancies.

Earlier, the Uzbek Ministry of Finance reported that the salary of a member of Uzbek parliament was 1.56 million soums ($186), and the minister - 1.727 million ($205). At the same time there are a number of allowances and bonuses for them and other state employees.

Currently, the minimum wage in Uzbekistan is 202,730 soums ($24), the minimum wage is 577,172 soums ($69). According to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, in 2018, the average monthly nominal accrued wages in the country amounted to 1.822 million soums (about $ 218).

Currently, the minimum salary in Uzbekistan is 202,730 soums ($24), the minimum wage is 577,172 soums ($69). The Uzbek State Statistics Committee noted that the average monthly nominal accrued salary in the country amounted to 1.822 million soums (about $218) in 2018.

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