Amounts of Financial Sanctions and Administrative Fines for Infringing Tax Legislation to Increase

Business Materials 19 April 2007 21:20 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku/ Trend / The Azerbaijan Taxes Ministry has made public the results of actions taken on timely control for observance of the regulations of cash settlement with the population, concluding operations with currency, applying excise markes, labour contracts, researching the situation with pasenger carriages in the auto transport, as well as licensed types of activity for the first quarter of 2007.

According to a message being spread by the Taxes Ministry of the Country today, infringements with the object to observe the regulations of cash settlement with the population were revealed on 1326 objects out of the total 1353 ones, subjected to checkups. According to the statements drawn up, the financial sanctions to the sum of AZN 108.000 were applied toward the infringers. In the fisrt quarter of 2007, AZN 376.600 were sent the State Budget owing to administrative fines and sanctions. This figure is on AZN 209.300 more agaisnt the corresponding period of 2006.

Statements and protocols were drawn up, control actions were taken toward 36 objects. Corresponding measures were applied toward 328 checked up objects for the purpose of revealing the activity without registering in the corresponding tax bodies, 66 ones for the purpose of concluding operations with currency publicly. In addition, in the reporting period, there were 36 facts on uysing foreign currency as a means of payment.

The financial sanctions to the sum of AZN 2.900 were applied toward 103 statements drawn up on infringements due to applying special distinctive signs on auto transport. Taking into consideration the remnants left since last year, the State Budget received AZN 5.400 in total.

35.040 excise marks without marking or marked by false or pirated marksх were revealed in 28 objects checked up. 308 labour agreements were lack on 164 objects. Due to the infringing the regulatiuons on licensing, protocols on 550 objects were drawn up. The administrative sanctions to the sum of AZN 3.900 were applied due to this fact.