Georgia Announced Azerbaijan Electric Power Import Daily Volumes

Oil&Gas Materials 22 January 2007 20:20 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia imported 1,664 mln. KWatt/hour per day. Trend Correspondent to Tbilisi has been informed by the commercial operator of Georgian electric power system, that Georgia is not currently exporting its electric energy. 1.4 mln. KWatt/hour out of the total volume of the electric power imported is supplied by Turkey. This volume is accumulated and used in Adjarian Autonomy of Georgia. 0,264 mln. KWatt/hour is supplied by Azerbaijan to ensure the stability in the work of Georgian energy system.

According to the agreements signed between Georgia and Turkey in September, 2006, and between Georgia and Azerbaijan in November, 2006, Tbilisi will return the electric energy imported in summer, 2007. The quantity of electric power export will be equal to that of the export.