Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Says Laying TransCaspian Pipe Impossible without Solving Some Political and Economical Tasks

Oil&Gas Materials 28 March 2007 16:49

Azerbaijan, Baku/ Trend / Marat Tajin, Kazakstan's Foreign Minister says that the energy pipeline to be laid on the depth of the Caspian Sea might be constructed only after three principal tasks are solved, Trend reports referring to InterFax-Kazakhstan.

"This subject is being viewed as a target setting, and sure, it is being discussed as well", - has said Mr. Tajin during the today's press-conference in Astana after the meeting in the format "EU's Three Leading Countries - Countries of Central Asia".

However, he noted that "the desicion of this issue depends on three integral parts".

"First of all, the parties should determine the legal status of the Caspian Sea. Until the legal status of the Sea is not determined, it is too early and very difficult to speak about the pipe to be laid via the depth of the Caspian Sea. This is that issue, which requires the common agreement (consent) of all the Caspian States," said Mr. Tajin.

"Secondly, there are some technological aspects of the issue," - continued he. "The things seem not so simple there as they write it on the paper. Sure, there are state-of-the-art technological solutions. However, it is too early to speak that today we have necessary documentation or any technological solution of this issue".

"Thirdly and finally, we should take into consideration the economics of the mentioned project, as nobody can properly speak about it without the correct and precise economic feasibility study," stressed the Head of the Kazakhstan Foreign Office.

"Here are the three matters, which should be taken into account at taking any decision relating to the construction of the TransCaspian pipeline," concluded the Kazakhstan Foreign Minister.