Azerpocht Listens to Population Complaints on Hot Line

ICT Materials 28 December 2006 19:00 (UTC +04:00)

State Enterprise Azerpocht of the Azerbaijan Telecommunication and IT Ministry has organized hot line telephones in order to receive complaints, proposals, and wishes from the population. By means of the line, the citizens had a possibility to talk to the leadership of the Enterprise. Trend reports referring to the Telecommunication Ministry, totally there have been 20 incoming calls. 18 out of them were of positive nature, and two ones were calls were from the regions and were linked with the opening a rural postal office in the regions of the country.

The activity of the State Enterprise Azerpocht lays in delivery of the letters and correspondence, rendering telegraph services, e-mail, Internet, international and intercity telephone calls, domestic and foreign postal deliveries and orders, selling greeting cards and envelopes, marks and signs printed and made in the national style, as well as making express and usual money orders, paying pensions, and social allowances, etc.