Iran, Syria denounce Saudi move to pass anti-Syrian resolution at UN

Politics Materials 11 November 2015 18:28 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, November 11

By Mehdi Sepahvand -- Trend:

Iran and Syria have decried efforts by Saudi Arabia at the United Nations to counter Tehran and Moscow's approach to the Syrian crisis.

Iranian and Syrian representatives to the UN condemned Saudi efforts to pass a resolution against what Riyadh has called Tehran and Moscow's interference in Syria, and attack on so-called "moderate fighters", Press TV reported November 11.

In a letter addressed to the UN Human Rights Committee, Riyadh has denounced the presence of foreign Ansarullah fighters working with the Syrian Army.

The Saudi move is being supported at the UN by Qatar and the United States.

The Syrian representative to the UN said that Saudi Arabia and Qatar lack the legitimacy to talk about human rights.

The new move by Riyadh comes at a time when the Saudi government is itself condemned by many for violating human rights both inside and outside its country.

A Saudi-led air campaign has led to the destruction of thousands of civilian homes in Yemen and the death of many civilians since the early months of this year.

Syria has been grappling with armed conflicts involving terrorist dissidents since 2011. The conflict has taken over 250,000 civilian lives and rendered millions homeless.

The Islamic Republic of Iran maintains that it is providing President Bashar Assad with military consultations, but does not directly carry out operations in Syria.

Russia also joined the fighting to help Syria beginning in late September, following official requests by Damascus. Russian fighters have so far destroyed many terrorist targets in Syria.