Netanyahu bluffing about Judea and Samaria?

Commentary Materials 9 April 2019 11:55 (UTC +04:00)
Looking at numerous statements and interviews of Benjamin Netanyahu, he really wants to win today’s election.
Netanyahu bluffing about Judea and Samaria?

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 9

By Azer Ahmadbayli – Trend:

Looking at numerous statements and interviews of Benjamin Netanyahu, he really wants to win today’s election. Analyzing his words and actions, you come to the conclusion that he is eager to become the next Prime Minister much more than others.

This is evident in many details. The emotional background around him is much higher than around his rivals, his eloquence is so impeccable that sometimes it risks causing a backlash. His speeches, actions and gestures are calibrated down to the last word, being really fair in the view of the majority of the Israeli electorate.

For certain, other candidates, too, would like to win, but they clearly do not regard this election as the final stand.

His activeness and spirit would only be possible to greet, envying his energy. But it is enough to recall the silence of some six months ago, and doubt begins to arise about the sincerity of new words and ideas.

Netanyahu wants to prove that he is a strong and intelligent man. He wants to set an example. Becoming once again the Prime Minister, it will be much easier for him to bring down his opponents, accusing him of corruption. These are his personal motives.

The future of Israel – this is the most important than anything else, given the dramatic history of this state, the long-standing hostile environment, and the well-being achieved through the continued tremendous efforts of the entire society.

And here Netanyahu makes a non-trivial move, which further distinguishes him from the rest of the opponents. He promised that if he heads the next government, he would adopt sovereignty of Israel to the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria.

Is this an attempt to bluff Israelis into believing that he is going to do that?

Some saw that as a low blow to other candidates, while others saw it as a pre-election ploy to get as many votes as possible. There are also those who say that he sincerely believes what he says, but there is a huge difference between his faith and reality.

No matter what anyone said, he upped the ante in the game. No one can say for certain, whether he decides to do this if he becomes the prime minister. But now it all depends on whether the people believed him instinctively. If so, then he will win the election.

Was he simply confident or was it just a pre-electoral empty promise?

“We are a small nation surrounded by enemies who will always be hated, persecuted and humiliated. And no matter how hard we try to persuade our enemies, it will not lead to anything good. Jews will always be alone, and there is only one way to stop the humiliation – to constantly strike victorious blows at them. In this struggle, the small nation has no one to rely on; they should rely only on themselves and on their own strength.”

These are not words of Benjamin Netanyahu. These are the words of his father, the famous Israeli historian Benzion Netanyahu. Isn’t it just exactly like many public pronouncements of the prime minister?

Benjamin Netanyahu learned this concept from childhood.

And here is what he said yesterday: “I proceed from the position of strength. In the world, only force is respected. A responsible and real peace is possible, including that with the Palestinians – but [it is possible] from a position of force, not from a position of concessions and surrender.”

Being unison in the views with his father, I believe, is not accidental. This may be a tip to everyone about his sincerity.

So, when speaking about the sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, he likely wasn’t wasting words.