Armenian paradox: "pro-Western" Yerevan in top 3 of Russia's allies

World Materials 16 March 2023 10:03 (UTC +04:00)
Armenian paradox: "pro-Western" Yerevan in top 3 of Russia's allies

BAKU, Azerbaijan, March 16. Armenia, which has traditionally always tried to have a foot on both camps, has lately been striving to show itself as mostly pro-Western, although a recent index of Russia's allies published by The Economist magazine shows the opposite, Trend reports.

In this ranking, Armenia occupies an honorable second place with 9 points, second only to Belarus, which scored 11 points. Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan closes the top three (8 points).

The ranking is based on 11 indicators of support in three areas: the diplomatic, the military, and the economic sphere, including the energy sector.

According to the magazine, the countries with the highest scores are connected to Russia mainly by politics, history, and geography, such as, for instance, Armenia, Belarus, Iran, and Kyrgyzstan.

In particular, The Economist article emphasized that Armenia is outraged that 3,500 Russian troops on its territory did not come to its aid during the war with Azerbaijan in 2020.

"Armenia refused to host the CSTO [Collective Security Treaty Organization] military exercises this year and now seems to be playing it safe when it comes to political patrons by inviting an EU mission to monitor the situation on the border with Azerbaijan,” the article said.

The ranking was compiled by such well-known agencies, think tanks, and organizations as CEIC Data, CSIS, Global Trade Tracker, IEA, IISS, IMF, Lowy Institute, Nature, Silverado Policy Accelerator, SIPRI, UN, and UN Comtrade.

Apparently, Armenia, remaining true to its tradition, is again playing a double game, not realizing that in the end, it will itself become a victim of a two-faced policy.